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Editing Site Chat settings

See a brief explanation on how the settings page works with editing settings and reading little hints provided.

After you install and activate the Site Chat plugin from the WordPress directory, you can then navigate to Dashboard -> Settings -> WhatsApp Settings to start editing your WhatsApp chat box for your website

We recommend you start by selecting “Turn on Site Chat Preview”, it is the first setting available and this option will display a preview of the chat box in the bottom right corner of the settings page.

Site Chat to WhatsApp settings - Turn on Site Chat Preview

Now you can edit any settings within the Site Chat settings page, and you will see the changes happen live on the preview of the WhatsApp chat.

Each section is separated by a heading and description of what that section offers, so make sure to read the descriptions or little hints that are added to each setting.

Some of the settings, when hovered over the area will display a little question mark hint on the right-hand side of the setting.

Site Chat to WhatsApp settings - hover over setting area

And when you hover over the question mark, it will display the hint on how to use that setting, or explain exactly what that settings will do.

Site Chat to WhatsApp settings - setting hint

We have tried to explain the settings as best as we can, but the easiest is to change the settings and then check the preview at the bottom right to make sure it’s doing exactly what you need.

Happy editing!